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Types of Large Format Printer
2020-9-4 16:41:44
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The Types

When looking for a wide format printer, there are three different types to consider based on your unique needs.

Flatbed printers are simply printers that print the design onto a flat item. This printing method can be flexible or rigid, and they will typically hold up to a 2” thick surface for the printing. These materials include things like paper, glass, metal, wood, plastics, and foam boards.

Roll-to-roll printers are ideal for those that need flexible printing material. They feed the material into an uptake reel. Typically, commercial printers use these options since they produce the best banner, signage, and posters.

Hybrid printers are just a good mix of each type of printer, roll-to-roll, and flatbed. These printers allow you to use both types of materials, and it is often easy to change between both materials. These are the most cost-effective for many companies that often print work on both types of materials.

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