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What’s the difference between Large Format Printer and Outdoor Inkjet Printer?
2021-6-18 14:33:19
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1. Large Inkjet Printer

Inkjet generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising screens, which output large screens, such as the numerous billboard screens beside the highway, which are printed out with an inkjet printer. The maximum width is 3-4 meters, the material used in the inkjet printer is generally advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), and the  ink uses oily ink. The resolution of the inkjet printer is extremely low, so it is placed in a high place, because it is impossible to see what is being printed from a close up, basically the mosaic can be seen clearly.

First of all, the piezoelectric photo machine is generally used indoors. It is mainly used for on-site printing on display boards, posters, or posters that can be rolled up, so its width is generally 1.8m or 2-3 meters. Of machinery and equipment.

2. Large Format Printer

The general materials used by the photo machine are generally pp adhesive, light film, coated paper, photo cloth, photo paper, plain paper, etc., all of which are roll materials.  The ink uses water-based ink. Generally, touch and mount after the printout is completed. The board can be regarded as a finished product, and the output resolution is 300-1200dpi, and its color is relatively saturated and clear.

Representative brands are Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and Canon. All of them are relatively excellent in the same industry. The photo machine is also called a plotter or a large format printer.  Now basically every graphic advertising shop is the most basic configuration, and it can be applied in a wide range of fields. The ink used by the photo machine The original consumables are more expensive, and the alternative ink is cheaper, but the alternative ink will damage the machine, and the original ink will protect the machine more effectively, and the  color handling is also very delicate.

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