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Large Format Printer Introduction
2020-10-21 18:00:12
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Format: The format of the inkjet printer is usually 3.2 meters, and the format of the printer is small, usually 1.52 meters.

The working environment is different: the external inkjet printer is mainly used for large outdoor wall advertisements and signboards for outdoor inkjet operations. The advantage is that it has strong weather resistance, that is, it can be waterproof and sunproof, and will not fade or change color when placed outdoors for a long time. The disadvantage is that the quality of inkjet is poor; the photo machine is mainly used for the production of indoor inkjet products such as indoor stickers, display boards, posters, posters, and regulations. The quality of inkjet printing is relatively high.

Ink: Due to the different placement environment of the inkjet product, the ink used by the inkjet printer and the photo machine is different. The ink of the inkjet printer is a solvent-based ink, which has a strong pungent odor, is waterproof and emits light, and does not change color after a long time. The photo machine uses water-based ink. No smell, not waterproof, need to be coated.

Output medium: The output medium of the inkjet printer is usually on the inkjet cloth, car stickers and other media whose surface is PVC material. The output medium of the photo machine is photo paper backing PP and spraying pictures.

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