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Guide before buying large format printer
2020-9-4 16:33:29
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If you tend to print things with a medium that rests between 18” and 100”, you are one person in need of a wide format printer. These printers, which are also known as large format printers, allow you to print various items on mediums of large size like banners, signs, posters, and other graphics.

Typical of all printers, the wide format printers have a variety of processes, models, styles, and capabilities for their printing uses. They will also vary in their speed and print width. All of these factors are important for considering your wide format printer, especially when looking at the cost and print quality influences. In this case, your budget and printing needs will decide what you need to get.

The Users

Most of the people who choose to purchase a large format printer are from commercial printing companies. These are usually like copy and print shops. These printers are also increasingly popular with graphic designs and other organizations that use onsite copy services. For instance, contractors tend to use these printers to help them create the printouts of their CAD drawings for the job. Construction firms and architecture companies will use a wide format printer to print off the plotter and blueprints needed for the jobs.

Some people use these printers for personal use, but most are design for use by professionals only. The cost is usually a factor that drives these printers toward more commercial use overuse in the home office.


If you are wondering what sort of applications you can use for a wide format printer, there are several different applications that make the printer worthwhile. Here are a few of these applications:

  • CAD drawings

  • Posters

  • Murals

  • Banners

  • Electronic schematics

  • Image wraps (vehicles)

  • Wallpaper

  • Signage

  • Stage backdrops

There are also several mediums that can be used for the printed images from the printer, which are typically for artistic purposes. Many of these mediums include things like canvas, glass, foam boards, ceramics, metal, vinyl, wood, and metal.

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